Winners from 2014

Congratulations to the defending champions EA Canada for taking 1st place again in 2014. A battle to the bitter end, kudos to WorkSafeBC for winning 2nd place and Coast Capital Savings for coming in 3rd.

Final Standings for 2014


Rank Company TOTAL
1st EA 1355
2nd WorkSafe BC 1205
3rd Coast Capital Savings 750
4th PwC 680
5th Vancouver Airport Authority (YVR) 670
6th Intact Insurance 530
7th City of Vancouver 435
8th Lululemon 430
9th Creation Technologies 410
9th Instant Imprints 410
11th SNC – Lavalin 390
12th Hatch Mott MacDonald 365
13th Clearly Contacts 360
14th Solaris Management Consultants 340
15th Fortis BC 330
16th Sage 315
17th Fortinet Technologies (Canada) 270
18th 6 Pack Indoor Beach 230
18th BCLC 230
18th Maxxam Analytics 230
21st Amazon Vancouver 225
22nd BC Hydro 220
22nd Telus 220
24th MDA Systems 210
25th Canadian Direct Insurance 200
25th Microsoft 200
25th Read Jones Christoffersen 200
28th Scheider Electric Canada 190
29th Softlanding Network Solutions 180
30th Union of Correctional Officers of Canada 175
31st Good Health Nutrition 170
32nd Procurify 160
33rd False Creek Healthcare 150
34th Digital Payment Technologies 140
34th Kabam Vancouver 140
34th SAP 140
37th Flight Centre 120
38th LifeMark 110
38th Twist Conditioning 110
40th Sportcheck 100
41st Plenty of Fish 90
42nd Laronde School 80
42nd Sophos Inc. 80
42nd Teck Resources 80
45th Xeline Media Management 70
46th KPMG 65
47th Capstone Mining Corp. 60
47th Samsung Electronics Canada 60
49th Metro Vancouver 50
49th PNI Media 50
51st Casino Royale Rentals 40
51st Mozilla Canada 40
51st Richmond School District 40
51st Unbounce Marketing 40
55th ResponseTek 30
56th Red Cliff Communications 20
56th Trulioo 20
56th Vancouver Bullion and Currency Exchange 20

Champion Points

Teams that place in the top 10 standings of each sport will receive Champion Points which contribute to your company’s overall points score. The following is the breakdown of the distribution of Champion Points to the top 10 placing teams of each activity.

Activity with No Tiered Divisions
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
100pts 90pts  80pts  70pts  60pts  50pts  40pts  30pts  20pts  10pts
Recreational Division in an Activity with Tiered Divisions
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
50pts  45pts  40pts   35pts   30pts   25pts 20pts  15pts  10pts  5pts
Competitive Division in an Activity with Tiered Divisions
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
100pts  90pts   80pts 70pts 60pts 50pts 40pts 30pts 20pts 10pts

In addition, every team will receive 20 points for participating in each activity. For example, the top placing team in Basketball will therefore receive 100 points (1st place) + 20 points (participation) = 120 Champion Points that will go towards the company standing. The company with the greatest number of Champion Points will be crowned the Corporate Champions of the year.Note that if an organization has multiple teams, only one of the organization’s teams’ points will contribute to the total Champion Points. For example, if in Volleyball an organization has two teams and one team earned a total of 80 Champion Points in the competitive division and one team earned 35 points in the recreational division, only the 80 Champion Points from the competitive division will contribute to the total.