Darts (Electronic) – Sponsored by MINI Richmond

Brand new event for 2015!

Electronic darts is the new trending sport of 2015! The electronic boards are easy to use, and the plastic tip darts are user-friendly.  But don’t mistake this as just a “beer drinking pub game” – it’s fun yet competitive. Why not try something new this year? This game is SUPER BEGINNERS FRIENDLY!!  In addition to our prestigious CCV medals, premium prizes will be up for grabs for the winners sponsored by Westcoast Darts, and MINI Richmond will be sponsoring a MINI for the weekend as the grand prize to the top winning team!


Date Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015
Time 7:45:00pm check-in. 8:00 pm
Orientation. 8:15 pm start (Orientation is mandatory)
Format 3 Games in total . Warm-up game: 501Round 1) Count Up  Round 2) Survivor 2 vs 2   Round 3) Count Up
Venue Revs Bowling Centre (Map)
Skill Level Recreational Division
Players Teams of 4 (no subs, minimum one of the opposite gender)
  • Warm up: 501
  • Round 1: Count Up
  • Round 2: Survivor 2 vs 2
  • Random pre-draw competing teams
  • Top and lowest scorer for each team in round 1 play against the top and lowest scorer of the competing team
  • Mid 2 scorers for each team in round 1 play against the mid two scorers of the competing team
  • Round 3: Count Up (Scores from Round 3 will determine the winning teams of the night)
    • Average of mid 2 scorers are calculated. Team with highest average wins the entire tournament.
  1. 501: Get your score down to exactly “0”!
    • Reduce the score from starting points which correspond to the name of the game. The first player who reduces his/her score to exactly zero wins the game. If the player scores more points than his/her remaining score, that round is considered “busted”, and her/his score will reset to the score from the previous round
    • Tips: Aim for the high score targets at the start of the game and when the remaining score is near zero
  2. Count Up: Just aim for the high scores!
    • Total up all the hit points, the player with the highest .accumulated score from all rounds wins
    • Tips: Aiming for TRIPLE is one way of playing this game. But hitting the BULL in the middle is the basic yet the best approach. If you are a beginner, try scoring 400 points first and then go for a higher score
  3. Survivor 2 vs 2: Smash down and KO your opponents!
    • Each player’s “LIFE” (Score) starts with 300 points. Predetermined target numbers will be assigned to each player in every round. Hitting the opponents’ numbers will reduce their LIFE and hitting your own numbers will recover your LIFE. The game will be over when LIFE point reaches 0.
    • Tips: Hitting the BULL will cause damages to everyone’s LIFE. (Single BULL 10pts, Double BULL 20pts)
  • Plastic darts will be provided
  • Players can bring their own plastic tip darts no more than 21 gram in weight.

2015 Results:

  • 1st: Instant Imprint Broadway
  • 2nd: EA
  • 3rd: YVR