Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Who can participate in the CCC Summer Games?
The CCC Summer Games is offered exclusively to companies.  Participants must be representing a company and be above the age of 19. 
How do I know if our staff team will like it?
Our complementary Activities Interest Assessment will allow you to gauge the interest level of your staff – no more guessing or taking risks. Also take a look at some of the video testimonials from the decision makers of some of the companies: Click Here
Do I have to sign up now?
Space is limited as some activities sell out fast. Contact us now to have your Activities Interest Assessment setup. 
How do I calculate my budget?
Once your staff team has completed the Activities Interest Assessment, we will look at the data together and determine how many teams we can allocate based on your budget.  We work closely with you to make it work.
How is this different from other similar team building events?
Corporate Challenge is recognized as the marquee corporate event in Vancouver for its excellence. We are the only corporate multi-games event in Vancouver to have over 83+ participating companies and over 2000 staff members participant.
What do we get if we win?
Our winners will receive custom made Corporate Challenge medals.  The overall winning company will have their name engraved on our championship trophy and have it displayed at their head office for a year.
Can I volunteer at the events?
We have an amazing group of volunteers that is a huge part of our event every year.  For more information, check out our Volunteers section

Registration Details

How does registration work?
There are no hidden fees to register for the Summer Games.  Each activity has a team fee, and you pay the number of teams you register for. It’s that simple. 
Can I register for more than one team per activity?
Companies are more than welcome to register for as many teams as they want in any of the activities.  Do note that some activities do overlap in scheduling at the Richmond Olympic Oval, so it is important and also the participants’ responsibility to avoid conflicts. For those who wish to participate in more than one activity, we encourage teams to max out the team roster and to ensure that there are always enough players, especially for the playoffs. Any teams that does not meet the minimum player requirement can be disqualified. 
Is there a minimum number of teams we have to put in?
There is no minimum number of teams requirement.  Larger companies usually register for 20-30 teams on average while some may enter just 1-3 teams.  We welcome all companies equally. 
When is the registration deadline?
Early bird deadline is Monday April 1st, 2019.  Friday May 3rd, 2019 will be the final registration day
Can I get a refund?
We will honour a full refund, minus $50 of administrative fee per team with a minimum of 3 weeks notice before the event date.  Any refund request with less than 3 weeks notice will have their team credited towards next year’s games. 

Team Questions

What are these 'alpha', 'bravo', 'charlie' labels in our team name?
Due to the heavy usage of numbers and alphabets used in our court labels, time slot labels,  we use the NATO phonetic alphabet to label multiple teams from the same company within the same event to avoid confusion.  
Can team rosters be changed?
Roster management is organized internally by your companies’ point of contact, in most cases your HR department or the social/wellness committee.  You are free to move and replace players as you wish, as long as your teams meet the minimum player and gender requirement, if applicable. Please contact your company’s point of contact for more information.
Do we have to prepare anything for the event?
We ask all participants to check the game schedule before coming to the games.  We do our absolute best to avoid last minute changes but due to nature of running events it can be inevitable at times.  Also, to expedite the waiver checking process please fill out the online waiver before arriving.
Where do I sign my waiver?
In order to participate in the games, all players must sign the waiver.  The waiver only needs to be signed once to cover all events.  To expedite the waiver checking process please fill out the online waiver before arriving.  Waiver checks will be done at the door for all events.
Do we have to wear a team jersey?
Companies are responsible to come dressed in team jerseys with their company logo displayed for all activities.  For certain activities like outdoor soccer, floor hockey and basketball, bringing a separate dark and a white jersey is highly encouraged. At the bare minimum, teams must come wearing the same color, if they are unmatched shirts.  
What do I need to bring to the games?
Individuals should wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the respective activity, plus any equipment such as rackets, shin guards, etc. The most essential is to bring water to keep you hydrated throughout the events.  Last but definitely not the least, bring your sense of sportsmanship and fun!  
Who is the Company Coordinator for my organization?
Your Company Coordinator is the first point of contact for any questions you may have. They are the liaison between Corporate Challenge and your company. They play an essential role in distributing information about the event, including roster management and updates. 
Where can I find the event's policies and procedure?
It is recommended to read through our policies and procedures prior to attending the event.  You can find it here http://www.corporatechallengecanada.com/players-rules-policies/
Can we go over the maximum allowed on a team roster?
 For whatever reason if a team needs to go beyond the maximum allowed on a team, please email us ahead of time and let us know the reason.  Since most of our activities is in a 2 day tournament format, if a player is unable to fulfill both days, substitution is allowed as long as the maximum allowed isn’t exceeded per day.  
Can we bring in a player from outside of the company?
 Only for emergency purposes, please inform a CCC staff when you arrive. To uphold the integrity of our games, please do not invite ringers to your team.  All winning teams must have at least 60% of staff from the company.  See more at http://www.corporatechallengecanada.com/players-rules-policies/ 
Our team is short a girl, can your volunteer or staff sub for us?
Due to the number of teams borrowing from our staff and volunteers team we have been short staffed in the past couple of years.  Due to this, all teams must be responsible for their own roster management. 
Do all winners at the event get medals?
Playoffs are tiered and winning teams in these categories will receive medals:

  • Top 3 teams in the Competitive Division (Now called Tier 1)
  • Top 3 teams in the Recreational Division (Now called Tier 2)
  • Top 3 teams in Tier 3
Our team won! Can we get order more medals?
Our medals are ordered based on the maximum allowed per activity.  If a team exceed the maximum due to substitutions, special orders may be available at $25/medal plus taxes.  Teams MUST inform us within 1 week after the event ends as we need to submit all requests in at the same time as a bulk order.  Typically it takes 1-2 weeks for the extra medals to be ready.

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Event Details

Can my friends and family come to watch?
YES! We highly encourage you to invite your friends and family to come and watch you play. 
Where can I view the tournament schedules?
Tournament schedules for the Richmond Olympic Oval games will be posted 2 weeks before the event. Due to the nature of the scheduling process, we can only do scheduling once ALL teams are finalized.  We do our best to accommodate last minute requests, which may lead to some delay.  We will notify team coordinators that schedules have been posted, it is the responsibility of your team to know when you are playing.
What should I do if my team cannot make it to the match?
There is a strict “No-Show” Policy. Teams that do not show up for the game without notice will be subjected to penalties.  No-shows causes a lot of disruption to the games’ scheduling.  If you are aware that your team cannot make it to a match, please notify us ASAP so we can address necessary game schedule changes.
Will food and drinks be provided at any of the events?
Most venues will have a concession stand that will offer food and drinks for sale. Otherwise, participants are expected to bring or purchase their own food and beverage. If you would like to inquire specifically about whether there will be food or drink available at a venue, please email us at info@ccvancouver.ca
What is the cancellation policy?
Cancellations must be emailed to Corporate Challenge Vancouver.  If a team cancels their participation in a sport, the penalties are as follows:

  • Notification given 3 weeks prior to event date: No penalty is given
  • Notification given with less than 3 weeks notice: All cancellations after this date will result in a ten (10) point deduction of the overall company points score
  • Notification given within 48 hours of a match or race: All cancellations made within 48 hours before the start of the match or race will result in a twenty (20) point deduction of the overall company points score.
  • No notification given: If a company misses two matches or the entire competition, the team will be considered a “No Show” and a thirty (30) point deduction of the overall company points score will be applied.
What are Champion Points?
Teams that place in the top 10 standings of each sport will receive Champion Points which contribute to your company’s overall points score. The following is the breakdown of the distribution of Champion Points to the top 10 placing teams of each activity.

Tier 1 or Competitive Division
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
155pts 140pts  125pts  110pts  95pts  80pts  65pts  50pts  35pts  20pts
Tier 2 or Recreational Division


2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
110pts  100pts  90pts  80pts  70pts  60pts  50pts  40pts  30pts  20pts
Tier 3


2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
65pts  60pts  55pts  50pts  45pts  40pts  35pts  30pts  25pts  20pts
Activity with No Tiered Divisions
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
155pts 140pts  125pts  110pts  95pts  80pts  65pts  50pts  35pts  20pts
Go-Karting 2018 (Each heat will receive these points)
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
70pts 65pts 60pts 55pts 50pts 45pts 40pts 35pts 30pts 25pts

Note that if an organization has multiple teams, only one of the organization’s teams’ points will contribute to the total Champion Points. For example, if in Volleyball an organization has two teams and one team earned a total of 155 Champion Points in Tier 1 and one team earned 50 points in Tier 2, only the 155 Champion Points from Tier 1 will contribute to the total.
In addition, 20 points have been included as participating points in each activity. For example, the breakdown for the 1st place Tier 1 team is 135+ 20 participation points = 155.  All Champion Points will go towards the company standing. The company with the greatest number of Champion Points will be crowned the Corporate Challenge Canada Champion of the year. If a company misses two matches or the entire competition, the team will be considered a “No Show” and a thirty (30) point deduction of the overall company points score will be applied.

Where can I find parking?
Most venues will have free parking available. At the Richmond Olympic Oval, parking is $1/hour.  There is also a small amount of Richmond Oval designated parking at the WestPark Lot at TnT Supermarket across from the Oval at $1/hr.  Street parking 2 blocks away from the Oval with time restrictions area available.  See Map: (We no longer have access the WCB’s lot)

overflow parking  

Is paid parking reimbursed by CCC?
Participants are responsible for their own charges incurred for getting to the event.  Most venues offer free parking, however any parking fees will not be reimbursed by CCC. You might wish to inquire with your company regarding reimbursement.

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