The following rules and regulations pertain to the Corporate Challenge Canada Summer Games Outdoor Soccer Tournament. All rules and regulations are subject to change.


Section A – Registration

  1. Each participant MUST sign a waiver form prior to playing. Waiver checks will be done before the start of the games.


Section B – Venue

  1. All Outdoor Soccer games will take place at Trillium Park Site
  2. Participants are to abide by the rules and regulations of the Trillium Park Site while on-site.


Section C – Tournament Structure

  1. A five minute leniency will be given to all late teams. After the five minutes has expired, the late team will be deemed to have forfeited the match. Please arrive early for warm-up time. At which team, a fun game can still be played.
  2. In order to organize seeding for playoffs, a win will earn a team three points; a tie will earn one point; and a loss is considered zero points.
  • Any teams that misses round robins, or have an insufficient number of core players will not receive any points and will be seeded last for playoffs.
  • In the playoffs, a single elimination tournament bracket will be used.


Section D – Game Structure

  1. Games are played seven-on-seven.
  2. Each game will consist of two 17.5 minute halves with a five minute halftime break.
  3.  Each team is allowed one twenty second time-out per game.
  4. There must be at least 1 member of the opposite sex on the court at all times, not including the goalie.  NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.
  5. There is no limit to the number of substitutions and substitutions are made on the fly.
  6. Substituting players must enter and exit the field at designated substitution spot (usually by the player’s bench/rest area)
  7. All games at the round robin on the 17th will be self-officiated. There will be a games facilitator present to score-keep. Please remember to show sportsmanship and be honest when calling your own or others’ fouls.


Section E – Tie Breakers

  1. In round robin play, in the event of a tie after regulation time is completed, the game will be tallied as a draw.
  2. In the playoffs, in the event of a tie, each team will take five penalty shots. The team that scores the most penalty shots wins the match. A coin flip will take place to determine who shoots first. The team that wins the coin flip has the option of shooting first or second. There must be at least 1 opposite gender shooter within the first 3 shots (i.e. male-male-female, female-female-male, not necessarily in that order)
  3. Should two teams be tied in points when determining playoff positioning, the following tie breaker applies:
  • Goal Difference in all group matches
  • Greater number of goals scored in all group matches.
  • Greater number of points obtained in matches between the tied teams
  • Goal difference in matches between the tied teams
  • Greater number of goals scored in matches between tied teams.


Section F – Equipment

  1. The only prohibited footwear is six stud soccer cleats. All other soccer shoes, and running shoes are permitted.
  2. Shin pads ARE mandatory as per the FIFA rule.
  3. Other game equipment will be provided such as game balls and nets.


Section G – Rules

  1. Rules are based on FIFA rules modified for Corporate Challenge Canada:
  2. Notable modifications include: NO slide tackling, NO off-sides, Kick-Ins from the side, and substitutions are made on the fly.
  3. Kick in’s instead of throw in’s from the sidelines
  4. All free kicks are DIRECT.
  5. Goalie cannot kick or throw past the centre line
  6. Must have 1 girl on at all times (Cannot be the goalie)
  7. Goalie kicks are from the blue line
  8. Black to White line are the field boundary
  9. No Jewelry
  10. Shinguards are mandatory
  11. Penalty kicks are 3 steps from the blue line
  12. If an extra player is found on the field, the opposing team gets a free kick from the centre
  13. Once a goalie rolls a ball, it is considered live and in play
  14. Yellow Card – 5 mins penalty (counted as a personal foul, a sub can replace the player)
  15. Red Card – Out for the rest of the game (team is playing 1 person short)


Section H – CCC Fair Play

  1. The event coordinators have the authority to remove any player or team from the premises for unsportsmanlike conduct.
  2. Please adhere to the general principles of Corporate Challenge Canada Fair Play:
  3. Follow the rules; Respect your team and opponents; and Represent your company in a professional manner.
  4. When the general principles are violated, the Corporate Challenge Canada organizing team reserves the right to disqualify, suspend, remove and sanction coaches, players, spectators and or companies before, during or after competition. All incidents will be reported to Company Coordinators.