Escape Room

Back due to popular demand!

You may be a top athlete on the courts, but how do you fair against other “brain athletes”? Solve puzzles, riddles and mysterious to break out of a locked room.  But don’t get too comfortable, all teams must try to get out before time runs out!

Date May 28, 2019 & May 30, 2019
Time 1st Session: 6pm / 2nd Session: 8pm
All teams must be on time to attend the mandatory orientation at their start time or otherwise be forfeited.
Schedule See Below
Format Teams play to escape their own room, there is no direct competition with other teams due to the nature of the event
Venue EXIT West Broadway

309 West Broadway

Skill Level Recreational, no experienced needed. (Tip: Create a team of people with a variety of skill sets)
Players  Minimum 4 | maximum 6 Players (No gender requirement)
WAIVER  Sign Here *Different from the CCC Waiver*
  1. Teams will play against time to escape their room, there is no direct competition against other teams due to the variables between the number of people per team and the level of difficulty between the rooms.
  2. This is a non-medal event.
  3. Special note: Due to the nature of this game, we highly encourage teams to not visit the venue ahead of time for practice.  If you wish to practice please visit any other venue that is not the one we are hosting at.   We also ask those individuals who have visited the venue before to not share any answers to their colleagues prior to their participation.  This defeats the purpose of playing and is in breach of the integrity and sportsmanship policy that we hold in high value to our games.
  1. Teams must show up on time for the orientation at the start of the session.  Failure to do so will result in a forfeit.
  2. Waivers for the Escape Room is specific to the venue, please ensure you sign the waiver prior to the event date.
  3. Players may not come late to play only the second room.  All players must be present at the indicated start time.

Bring nothing but wear your company team shirts or jersey!

May 28 and May 30 Schedules