Floor Hockey

Corporate Challenge Canada Is Excited To Bring Back This Much Anticipated Canadian Game Of Floor Hockey.

Date Saturday, June 8th: Round Robin
Sunday, June 9th: Playoffs
Time Saturday: 3:00pm – 10:00pm
Sunday: 4pm – 10pm
Format Co-Rec 4 on 4 plus goalie
Venue Richmond Olympic Oval (Map)
Skill Level Day 1 Round Robin. Day 2 will be tiered based on day 1 results for playoffs.
Players Min 6 | Max 12 (Minimum one of the opposite gender)
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  1. Games are played four-on-four plus goalie.
  2. All games will consist of two 12-minute periods and a 3-minute break between each period.  Each team is allowed one 20-second timeout per game.
  3. The tournament is set up for round-robin pool play with 2 tiers for playoffs
  4. Teams are seeded after round robin based on a point system: a win = 3 points, a tie = 1 point, a loss =  0 points. A cross-group seeding system will be used to place teams in a 12 team playoff.
  5. In playoffs, a single elimination bracket will be used.
  1. Rules are based on Canadian Ball Hockey Association (CBHA) modified for Corporate Challenge Canada.
  2. All plays must be below the waist.
  3. Stick plays only, no contact allowed.
  4. Notable modifications include:
    • unlimited substitutions
    • substitutions made on the fly
    • no offside
    • no icing
    • no blue line zones
  5. There must be at least one member of the opposite sex on the court at all times, not including the goalie.
  6. Teams must check in at their respective tournament desk 30 minutes before their scheduled match.   Failure to check in within 15 minutes following the scheduled start time of your match will result in a forfeit. Teams do have the option of playing their games after this point, but the score will not be recorded.
  7. In the case of a forfeit, the team present will be awarded a score of 3-0.

Tiebreaker Rules for Seeding:

  • Total Points Scored
  • Point Differential
  • Total Points Allowed
  • If still tied after all 3 tie breakers, coin toss.

Overtime for Playoffs:

  • 3  shootout attempts (must maintain a 1:3 opposite gender ratio (e.g. male-male-female, female-female-male, not necessarily in that order) If after the 3 shooters, the game is still tied, sudden death shootout rounds of 1 shooter per team will continue until the game is settled, the opposite gender ratio still apply, and shooters cannot repeat until every member of that gender player has had a turn.  Goalies may not participate as a shooter.)
  1. Floor hockey sticks and balls will be provided.  Please leave the hockey sticks on the court when your game is completed.
  2. Players are welcome to bring their own Dom polyethylene plastic or PVC hockey sticks (C6, P7  or Vision models).  No other brands or types of sticks, including fiberglass sticks will be allowed.
  3. Basic goalie equipment is provided but it is recommended for goalies to bring their own gear for best fit, and especially so that they don’t have to share sweaty gear with each other throughout the weekend.  Please contact us ahead of time is goalie equipment is needed.
  4. Goalies may use a glove (trapper or baseball glove), blocker, mask, chest/arm protector, leg pads, athletic cup and hockey pants.  These may be from floor, roller or ice hockey.
  5. Goalies must wear a face mask or helmet with a full cage.
  6. Goalies must use a regular player’s floor hockey stick as provided by CCC
  7. A goalie’s leg pads cannot exceed a maximum height of 34 inches, nor a width of 12 inches (The size of the pads has been amended to reflect the sizes of floor hockey pads being sold in stores now, as well as to protect taller goalies). Ice hockey pads may be worn as long as they conform to the above size limitations.

Floor Hockey Saturday June 8th