Rock Climbing

Climb the tallest indoor rock climbing wall in Western Canada

Co-Rec team rock climbing is in its 3rd year at the CCV Summer Games. This team speed climbing event will require participants to be strong, agile and able to manage fear. The new Olympic Oval Climbing Wall provides physical challenges, exhilaration and a memorable experience. An orientation will be provided to ensure you have the safest and most fun experience!

Date Saturday June 6th & Sunday June 7th
Time Saturday: 11am – 7pm
Sunday: 10am – 4:30pm
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Format Co-Rec Rock Climbing 5’s
Venue Richmond Olympic Oval
Skill Level Recreational
Players Min 5 | Max 7 (Minimum two of the opposite gender)
  • The competition will consist of 2 days of competition for all teams.
  • Day 1 will include a training period for climbers to familiarize themselves with the wall and the specific competition routes. Then, a Team Time Trial Qualifying Round will take place.
  • After the Qualification Round, teams will be seeded based on cumulative team times. All teams advance to the finals on Day 2.
  • Day 2 will feature 2 divisions based on seedings. A bracket style head-to-head playoff will take place in each division.

Team Speed Climbing.

  • This format is the most fun to watch and participate in. Climbers compete in teams against time to see which team can reach the top of the route first.
  • In each climb, each team must choose 5 climbers.  At least two of the five climbers must be of the opposite sex. Teams may change its member composition in different rounds.
  • A team’s time is the cumulative time of all its members.
  • The climbing course is a suggested route, there is no penalty for not following the suggested route.
  • All rounds will be conducted on 2 designated competition routes.
  • Each race will take the following sequence: Starter will call: “Climbers ready…On your mark….GO!”
  • Time Starts on “GO!”. Time stops when the climber tags the hold in the marked finish box.


  • A fall is defined as putting full weight on the rope, a climber who slips may “catch” him/herself as long as weight does not come onto the rope.
  • In the event of a fall, the climber will be given a time equivalent to the slowest in the round + 5 seconds for that climb. There are NO re-climbs.

False Starts:

  • There is only 1 False Start allowed per climb.
  • A 2nd False Start is considered to be a “fall” and will be given the “fall” time for that climb.
  • Above rules applies even if the climber in question did not cause the 1st False Start

Qualifying Round:

  • Each team member (5) will climb the 2 designated routes back-to-back.
  • Seeding for Finals will be determined by cumulative team times.

Final Round:

  • Finals are head-to-head elimination matches (bracket style).
  • Each Finals match will consist of 5 head-to-head races.
  • Match winner will be the team with fastest cumulative time.
  • Teams select climber order for each match.
  • Each “race” will consist of 2 climbs (climbers switch routes for climb #2).
  • The higher seeded team has choice of route for climb 1 in each race.

All equipment (including footwear) will be provided.

2015 Results:

  • 1st: Muvic Services
  • 2nd: SNC Lavalin
  • 3rd: WorkSafeBC