Stationary GranFondo

The “mind over matter” event

Calling all Spin enthusiasts, CCV 2015 Summer Games’ Stationary Granfondo competition is for all of you! Teams will pedal in an endurance relay race with the goal to travel the farthest distance. Participants will be cycling on the Richmond Olympic Oval’s state-of-the-art stationary bikes. Get pedaling!

Date Saturday June 6th
Time 1:00pm
Format Endurance Team Relay
Venue Richmond Olympic Oval (Map)
Skill Level Recreational
Players Min 3 | Max 5 (Minimum one of the opposite gender)
  1. Team start times will be staggered at 5 minute increments. Teams must check in with the Coordinator on Court 8, 15 minutes prior to the start of the event
  2. Teams will compete in a one hour team endurance race where participants take turns cycling.
  3. The challenge is a combination of average output (average watts & kilocalories burned) plus distance travelled.
  4. Bike monitors will be used to record, kilometers, watts and kilocalories
  1.  Teams must have a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 4 participants per team.
    • Teams with 2 Riders. Each participant must ride for a min of 30 minutes.
    • Teams with 3 Riders. Each participant must ride for a min of 20 minutes.
    • Teams with 4 Riders. Each participant must ride for a min of 15 minutes.
  2. A minimum of one female and one male athlete per team is required.
  3. Team scores will be tracked and tallied by the Coordinator.

Score Tally

Team scores will be tallied using the following formula:

Base Score (Distance Travelled) + Average Watts + Total Kilocalories = Team Score  (Measured in Kilometers)

  • a) Base Score: Total distance travelled within a 1 hour time period.
  • b) Watts: Teams will earn additional kilometers according to the average watts calculated  for the total ride. For every 50 watts, a team will have an extra kilometer added to their  total distance.
  • c) Kilocalories:  Teams will earn additional kilometers according to the total amount of  kilocalories burned. For every 100 kilocalories burned, a team will have an extra  kilometer added to their total distance.
  1. Appropriate workout apparel and footwear is required.
  2. Participants are welcome to use their own SPD clip-ins for this challenge.

2015 Results:

  • 1st: WorkSafeBC
  • 2nd: lululemon
  • 3rd: Muvic Services
Start TimeEnd TimeTeams:
12:45 PM1:45 PMCoast Capital Savings
12:55 PM1:55 PMElectronic Arts
1:05 PM2:05 PMlululemon
1:15 PM2:15 PMMuvic Services
1:25 PM2:25 PMWorkSafeBC