Tommy Europe’s SHRED Champions Challenge

Are you ready to SHRED with Tommy?

Best known as the tough love television host of the “The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp” and “Bulging Brides”, Tommy Europe is Canada’s most recognized and sought after fitness coach. This year will mark Tommy Europe’s 2nd appearance at the CCV Games. Last year we held the SHRED BOOTCAMP, this year Tommy brings his SHRED Champions Challenge to CCV and this will be an event that you do not want to miss!

Date Saturday June 6tth
Time 9:30am start time SHARP! Come early to do check in and warm up
Sign your waiver HERE
Format Teams of 2 (no subs)
Venue Richmond Olympic Oval
Skill Level General
Players Teams are in pairs.  Individuals can also sign up and CCV will create pairs (based on availability) – No gender requirement
  • The Challenge will have a preliminary stage that will involve 10 different challenges/stations. The Challenge will take a total of 60 minutes to complete.
  • Each Team will participate in all 10 Challenges. At the completion of the 10 Challenges, there will be a playoff Challenge for the top 5 teams. It will be a battle that will require each member of the team to participate.
  • At each station, points will be awarded to the top 5 teams: 50,40,30,20,10.  The teams that are not in the Top 5 at each station will all be awarded 5 points.  A referee will be at each station to calculate the team time.** If a team cannot complete the challenge, they will have to perform 20 burpees in order to receive the 5 points**
    • Teams of 2 will be at each of the 10 stations ( we will double up teams at some of the stations)
    • We will number each station from 1-10, and place each team at a starting station. At the end of the allotted time (4-5 min) we will blow a whistle and each team will then move to the next station… i.e. teams at station 1 will move to two….
  • At the conclusion of the “qualifying rounds” we will take a 15-minute break to calculate the points and set up the final challenge.
  • The Ultimate SHRED Challenge Finale will be an obstacle course with a circuit to complete.  The course will be explained to the competing teams.
  • The 5 teams with the most points will compete in the playoff Challenge to determine the Ultimate SHRED Challenge Winner.


  1. Twist & Shout [Using the Reebok Twist Board… Endurance event]
  2. Medicine Ball Partner Toss
  3. Wheel Chair Race/ Baton Pass [with obstacles to avoid]
  4. Battle Rope Challenge
  5. Kettle Bell Farmer Carry
  6. Weighted Vest – Run… Push-up… Bear Crawl
  7. “Jump Around” Hurdles
  8. Buddy Challenge (using the “Buddy System”)
  9. Step it Up [endurance is the key here]
  10. Skipping … 50 Revolutions… Knockout Style… Fastest time wins!
  1. Tommy Europe will explain all the rules at the start of each heat for each station.
  2. Participants must attend Tommy’s orientation prior to the start of the event in order to be eligible to participate
  3. Teams of 2 only (no subs)
  4. Team members should be fast, strong, ready to have fun and love a great challenge.
  • Please wear appropriate footwear.
  • Non-cotton, synthetic stretch fabric clothing  is highly recommended (e.g. dri-fit)

2015 Results:

  • 1st: Casino Royale Rentals
  • 2nd: EA
  • 3rd: Usana