Trivia Night & RPS Tourney

RPS = Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Calling all trivia buffs, the CCC Summer Games’ trivia night is for all of you! Teams will challenge one another to see which organization has the biggest brains. Teams will compete in a single knock out tournament with a variety of topics.

In addition to Trivia, we always end off our night with a Rock Paper Scissors tournament!

Date Tuesday June 4, 2019
Time 6:00pm-6:30pm check in; Trivia starts at 7pm  (yes you can come early and grab a dinner and drinks first!)
Format Team Trivia Night, Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament
Venue Rev’s Bowling Burnaby (Upstairs Bar)
Skill Level Just for Fun! But we recommend to having at least 1 teammate with the history of doing Trivia
Players Min 4. | Max 6 (no gender requirement)
WAIVERS  Sign Here

There will be 3 rounds and 15 questions per round.  Answers will be marked after each round and scores will be awarded for each correct answer.  The team with the most points after 3 rounds will be the winners of the event!

The Rock Paper Scissors tournament will be a “free for all” tournament where all participants are involved. No medals will be awarded for the RPS tournament but there will be a prize for the winner.

  1. Absolutely no cell phone usage whatsoever while the question rounds are in play.  Even if you are texting your Mom, or adding time to PayByPhone – No exceptions! Any team caught using their phone during the rounds will be immediately disqualified.
    1. Once we have taken your answer sheet for that round, you are free to jump back on your phone, but please resist the urge to Google the answers, we will go over them together.
  2. No shouting out the answers  (sometimes people get too excited, but don’t help the other teams!)
  3. If you think you have a legitimate challenge to one of our answers, you can ahead and raise that challenge, but BEWARE — if we deem you to be correct after a cursory search online, then sure, you get the point for that question. BUT, if we determines that you are incorrect, then you lose 2 points for that round.
  1. Equipment will be provided at the venue.